Founder & CEO

Kiel is a native Hoosier and attended Indiana University for both undergraduate and MBA programs. Kiel’s early career, and his unfortunate experience with “unsavory” ABA companies, shaped his focus and ideals to create a new breed of ABA therapy organization; one focused on clinical integrity, customer service, clinical outcomes, and always doing the right thing. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his wife Kate and their miniature dachshund, Kingsley.  



Director of Client Experience

Kate is the Co-Founder and Director of Client Experience of InBloom Autism Services. Kate is originally from Northern Indiana and attended Purdue university in West Lafayette. Kate brings an unmatched dedication to customer service and healthcare to ensure that each InBloom family is treated like a member of ours. She lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband Kiel and their miniature dachshund, Kingsley.




Chief Clinical Officer

Ellen works every day to ensure InBloom maintains the highest standards of ABA services and has been instrumental in developing the systems, culture, training methods, and support system for the entire clinical team. With 19 years of experience in the field of ABA, Ellen received her BA in Psychology with an emphasis on ABA from West Virginia University, her M.S. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in ABA from Nova Southeastern and has received intensive training and work experience on the neurobehavioral unit at The Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins University. When asked why she's passionate about serving the Autism community Ellen said "Having the ability to implement research-based ABA interventions, that have proven to be effective for children with ASD time and time again, is both comforting and fulfilling. With these tools, we can make big changes in a person’s current quality of life, as well as provide an everlasting impact for his/her future. I can’t imagine anything more gratifying than that!"



Chief Marketing Officer

Will leads the InBloom Marketing and Creative team, with the daily goal of making sure the world gets a chance to understand the "why" behind InBloom Autism Services. Will received his BA in Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He comes to InBloom with 11 years of leadership experience in branding, marketing, and event presentation in the world of professional sports and entertainment. When asked why he left pro sports to join InBloom, Will said "Sports Entertainment has been amazing to me, but I was coming home after late nights and long weekends feeling unfulfilled. My wife Lainey is a Clinical Integrity Officer at InBloom and over time she exposed me to the true value of ABA. Yes, the science of ABA is incredibly valuable, but I'm talking about the impact it makes on the children and the families that the InBloom team works with every day...that is the true lasting value. If I can use my experience to help InBloom reach new families and appeal to more talented behavior professionals, then that is what I want to be able to do."

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Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of executive financial leadership experience, Kevin has built finance teams from the ground up, and successfully helped grow and transform companies by establishing key business drivers, process improvements, and budgeting enhancements. Most recently, McGovern led organic growth and cost-containment initiatives at MEDNAX, which was a key part of the company’s operational initiatives and transformation over the last 2-years. When asked why he chose to join InBloom, McGovern said, “I have family and friends who are living with Autism. I have seen firsthand the positive impacts that early diagnosis and an effective ABA treatment plan can have on improving outcomes for children, so I am excited to be joining an organization that shares my passion for improving the lives of those impacted by Autism.”



Organizational Performance Manager

Alex works every day to apply the science of Behavior Analysis to the organization to optimize performance and quality of services. Training is also a major focus of Alex's at InBloom, and she works with various teams to brainstorm solutions to promote a culture where learning is a continued endeavor, and training meets the needs of the clients and their therapy team. Alex was previously an RBT with InBloom, and is currently pursuing her Certification in Organizational Behavior Management at FIT. When asked about her experience as an RBT, Alex said "It introduced me to a new world that I wanted to be a part of--a community who passionately celebrated individual differences in neurodiversity, and one that also facilitated opportunities at a more independent life. "

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Talent Acquisition Manager

Ilan works hard to ensure that InBloom's Talent Acquisition Team can find and employ the most experienced and dedicated staff in all of InBloom's service areas. He holds a double major BA in International Relations and Philosophy, and has been involved in Talent Acquisition since before it was a term - "I have been doing this for 20 years." When asked why he is passionate about helping the Autism community, Ilan said "I spent most of my career recruiting in the tech space. Great money - very little personal satisfaction. I have been building teams in behavioral health for the last 5 years, and the fact that I know that the people I help to employ make a huge difference in people's lives far outweighs any financial benefits I had in the tech space."



Director, Business Development

Melissa's main focus is to establish and develop strategic partnerships while helping to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships within the
Autism community throughout the United States. After spending nearly 15 years working in business development, Melissa knows what truly drives great partnerships in communities. She grew up in South Florida and attended the University of South Florida. After attending USF, Melissa went right into business development and has since been contributing growth to the healthcare industry for nearly 10 years. "I personally love educating people all over about ASD and how early intervention with ABA can truly impact kiddos and families. "

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Director, Human Resources

Marjorie brings to InBloom over 20 years of Human Resources experience with Fortune 500 companies, most recently Envision Physician Services. Marjorie graduated summa cum laude from Barry University with a Master of Arts in Human Resources compliance and administration. Enthusiastic about fostering a positive employee benefits experience through innovation and practicality, Marjorie enjoys sharing her knowledge with employees so they too can become informed consumers. She is a passionate mentor to the next generation of employee benefits leaders and has a profound ability to relate effectively, coach, and guide individuals at all levels of the organization.