We are now accepting new clients in the greater New Haven, Middlesex, Hartford, Fairfield, and New London county areas for in-home and in-school services. Also now accepting kiddos for our brand new East Hartford Learning Center!

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  • Social & Group Skills

  • Academic Readiness

  • Functional Communication

  • Expressive & Receptive Language

  • Behavior Reduction

  • Toilet Training & Daily Living Skills

  • Caregiver ABA Coaching






Regional Clinical Integrity Officer

As InBloom's Connecticut Regional CIO, Abigail works to ensure the services and care provided to our clients and families are of the highest quality. She directly supervises and provides ongoing support to the entire clinical team, opens communication with the families we serve throughout the on-boarding process as well as the entire duration of therapy, and strives to see that the experience of our clinical professionals working with InBloom is a positive one. Abigail has been a leader in Applied Behavior Analysis for over a decade, and has played an active role in helping countless families and clinical professionals throughout the state of Connecticut. She obtained her Master's of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from Southern Connecticut State University, and completed her ABA coursework from the Florida Institute of Technology. When asked why she is passionate about what she does, Abigail said "It’s amazing to be part of someone’s journey and help them achieve success and growth to fully access the world. Through ABA principles and techniques, there are endless possibilities to what and how you can teach a variety of skills from language, to self-help; throughout my experiences nothing compares to giving a family the freedom of only cooking one meal by expanding their food repertoire, to never have to buy diapers after 6 or even 7 years because their child is able to independently use the toilet, or to help a child use their preferred mode of communication to express themselves and their needs while decreasing undesired behaviors. As a parent you eagerly wait and celebrate milestones of your children so to be able to help other parents to see their child hit those milestones with their own children is priceless."


Regional Operations Manager

Mina brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to his role as Connecticut’s Regional Manager of Operations, having worked as a behavior therapist for over 3 years, as well as having held other positions helping families and kiddos on the administrative side of the InBloom team as we’ve continued to grow. Now, his primary role as Connecticut’s RMO is to create a strong foundation as well as a safe, exciting culture for both families and clinicians. Mina works diligently with all InBloom departments to ensure a coherent and safe process for families to receive A+ standard ABA Therapy. Between his time as a behavior therapist, Mina completed his Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and views kids as the future. “Kids on the spectrum deserve just as much of a chance as anyone to have the brightest future and be given the core skills to fulfill their own dreams. ABA is one of the most rewarding fields, and having been a therapist myself, I can say that I have learned a lot more from these wonderful kids than they have from me.”